Web analytics.  Facebook.  PRWeb.  Twitter.  SEO.  CRM.  YouTube.  Email marketing.

Just think how the Marketing landscape has changed over the past decade! The new Web 2.0 world offers Marketing professionals both challenges and huge opportunities.

How can I increase my online customer conversion? Do we need a Facebook page? How much will a blog cost me? What the heck do we do with Twitter anyway? How can I increase visibility on Google searches? Is my PPC campaign effective? What stats are relevant for the web?

The new tools at the disposal of Marketing touch every Marketing function. Finding talent that can navigate these emerging areas can be a challenge. That’s where we come in.

Our business is dedicated to the Marketing field, and we have a track record of successful placements specifically in Direct Marketing and Product Management since 1992, working with companies in eCommerce, online subscription, online media,  financial services and enterprise software in both B2C and B2B sectors.

Typical job titles of positions we have filled:  VP, Marketing, Director, Demand Generation, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, CRM Director, SEO Director, Director of Marketing Analytics, Sr. Product Manager, Online Customer Conversion, Director of Marketing (Direct Marketing), Partner Marketing Manager.

Susan is the best marketing recruiter I have ever used. She finds great candidates for a wide variety of marketing positions and does an effective job managing the recruiting process from start to finish.

Tanya Roberts, Vice President, Marketing
PayCycle, Inc.