For Employers

Uncovering talent. Mediocrity can be hired, but it takes a top search firm to find top talent. The business of search is not a passive one. The people you seek are employed. There is only one way to find them – by direct contact – and we do it with great precision.

Our dedication to excellence and our commitment to support your success is evident in the way we do business and by the lasting relationships we hold.

Meeting Your Match
The single most important factor in an organization is the quality of its people. But what is the best, most efficient way to find and hire the best and brightest? After all, the marketplace is rapidly evolving to a point where companies nationwide are feeling the impact of a candidate-short environment. This makes the process of finding your ideal employee a daunting one – one you need not undertake alone.

Locating and placing quality people is our business. It’s what we do every day. That means working with us gives you an advantage. We’ve spent many years building successful relationships with clients, combined with actual business experience in various industries. We understand our clients’ businesses. This experience benefits you by increasing the success factor, not only in evaluating performance and potential with great precision, but also by delivering a successful match.

Bottom line, our mission is to provide, without compromise, a consistent high standard of excellence that will support your success and, thus, create an optimal relationship.

The Process
As your business partner, there are many compelling reasons why we can add value to your organization.

  • Our most valuable asset is knowledge, which comes from years in search, combined with actual business experience in various industries.
  • Significant aspects of our approach to client service are objectivity, creativity and professionalism. For relationship clients, this translates into information, intelligence and insight.
  • The partnering relationship helps control any potentially negative variables in the hiring process. Expectations can be kept in line with reality. An objective third-party perspective adds value to the process.
  • Candidate acceptance criteria are identified and assistance is provided in formulating an offer that will be acceptable to all parties. Proper handling of the offer is guaranteed.
  • Comprehensive referencing is performed to help insure that the candidate selected is qualified to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, and properly suited to your organization.
  • Appropriate follow-up with all parties at intervals is essential to the execution of a functional and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your new employee.